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Sunday, August 30, 2015

From Breast Feeding to Formula Feeding

When I first became a mommy I was all about breast feeding. I didn't think I would ever formula feed. It then dawned on me that I wasn't going to be able to breast feed with the health issues I was having at the time. When I choose to formula feed I got ridiculed by friends and family. The"Breast is Best" saying got old pretty quickly.

Things people say to formula feeders:
- You aren't going to have a bond with your baby
- You are messing with her digestive system
- She is going to be sick more
- It's going to cost you a ton 

Firstly, I have a great bond with my daughter she is my world! Makenna does have tummy issues but she did even when she was born and breastfeeding. She hasn't been sick anymore than a breastfed baby and it does cost alot but with coupons ect it's not too bad. 

The Up Side of formula feeding:
- You don't have to pump every time you go out
- Daddy and the rest of the family can join in on feedings
- You know exactly how much they are eating
-You don't have to watch your diet

Rant over :)
Formula review coming soon!


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