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Monday, November 2, 2015

PEAK Happiness

I recently came across an amazingly inspiring group on Facebook and the owner of the group agreed to do am interview on Simply Mama of 2. I was so ecstatic that I had to share it with you!

My name is Amanda McCarthy! 
I am a Mommy, Wife, and a Full Time Fundraiser Director. 

I started a group called Peak Happiness to bring the community together!  

Peak Happiness is about REAL people making REAL changes in the lives of those in 
their community.

What is  Peak?

 Peak stands for:

        E- Excitement

Peak is everything you are and will be.

 Happiness is your future! 

I am excited to share this journey with you! My mission in life is to ensure that every 

person I encounter knows just how special and important they are to the world.  

What inspired you to start Peak?

During the early spring of 2013, I was sitting outside on an unusually 

warm day on my back porch steps watching my children play outside. 

A beautiful early spring day... I should have been thanking god for 

such luck given an incredibly cold winter and children who were 

tearing my house into pieces in need of the opportunity to stretch 
their legs and RUN! 
Instead, I was at one of my lowest points in my 

While sitting on the porch, picking at the grass and thinking, I ran through 

all of the things I didn’t have and have done wrong:

- 25 years old and I have lost myself in the midst of becoming a 

wife/mother/home maker. Who am I? 

- I’m losing my patience with my children who just about NEVER 


- I want to work but who will hire me? I dropped out of high school, 

got my G.E.D, have no real college experience other than a few 

classes here and there, and since my husband works a rotating 

schedule, I will never find anyone willing to work around it.

- I have no friends that I can connect with. I am alone. I live in a busy 

town, and I walk past people everyday. Nobody bothers to say hello, 

wave back, or acknowledge I exist. If only someone would notice me, 

and see that I am struggling

- My husband has accomplished so much in his career and here I am 

mastering the art of keeping my baby still while changing his diaper.

That's when I found the four leaf clover that changed my life. I had 

never before found one and for a moment, time stopped and I was 

LUCKY! I dropped it like 5 seconds after finding it, but, the feeling 

stuck with me. I FELT LUCKY every single day! The same day, I 

heard a commercial to be on the Steve Harvey show for a man cave 

makeover. Well, long story short - we were on the show, Steve gave 

us our man cave makeover, and I found a job I LOVE shortly after.

Find hope in the little things.

What are some of the things PEAK is doing?

Along with motivating each other to live our BEST life, we are 

introducing kind initiatives such as our upcoming :
“Merry Give-A-Giftmas”. 

If you want to get inspired and are TRULY ready to live WITHOUT 

limitations, join my group Peak Happiness.

If you are a Company and would like to sponsor or if you are a donor please feel free to contact me at katieesmith86 @
Amanda at : McCarthya9731 @

Join PEAK 
Visit Amanda on Facebook

Here is Amanda on Steve Harvey!

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